Throwing On The Wheel

Secondary School Age - Classes during September will be available as part of the Wanstead Fringe Festival. Please visit for further information and to book

Cost – £40 per person

Taster sessions are the perfect way to introduce yourself to pottery. In this introductory class your child will be guided through the basics of throwing clay on the potter’s wheel

These classes feature a maximum of three students. They will be taught how to prepare their clay, how to centre it on the wheel, how to pull up the walls of their piece to create form and how to use the tools provided

They should be prepared for a few disasters before they get to grips fully with the potter’s wheel, it’s perfectly normal for beginners and all part of the learning process!

Their best thrown pot from the session will be kept. After it has become leather hard the piece will be finished, fired and glazed on their behalf. There will be the opportunity to choose a glaze from the select range of studio dipping glazes

Once their masterpiece has completed its second firing and is ready for collection, you will be notified by email, approximately 6 to 8 weeks later

The price includes all materials used during the session. Please feel free to bring your own apron, although they can be provided. Please ask your child to wear old clothing and shoes!

A welcome email will be sent with further information ahead of the class

For a more comprehensive insight into the various making and decorative techniques, please consider the six week course

Please note that I hold a valid DBS certificate

I look forward to welcoming your young one to the studio!

Taster sessions are a fun way to introduce yourself and others to clay and make wonderful gift experiences. Gift vouchers are available