Free Style Practice Session Hand-Building


Practice will be essential for the development of your pottery. These sessions allow for just that, giving you the opportunity to practice and hone your skills and personal style at your own pace

Practice sessions are available to secondary and adult students who have completed a 6 week course at Wanstead Pottery, or to proficient potters who would simply like the opportunity to practice handbuilding. Please note, these sessions are NOT suitable for beginners as they are untaught, although I will be on hand to give advice, if required. Each session can accommodate two potters

You will be provided with 3 kilos of clay at the start of your session which is included in the price and, at the end of your session, you can decide what you wish to fire. Additional clay can be provided and will be charged at £4 per kilo to be fired (as an example, an average sized mug might cost approximately £1)

If you intend to work on a piece over a number of weeks then it is advised that your subsequent practice sessions are booked in advance, and ideally within two weeks of the first. This is because your work cannot be stored indefinitely for you in a leather-hard state and because spaces are limited

There will be no charge for the glazing session. The cost of firing and glazing the work produced during the practice sessions is included but, the glazing sessions will also need to be booked. These are available on Sundays. You will have access to the select range of studio dipping glazes for all work glazed during the practice sessions

All pots created during these sessions must be made using the studio clay provided. Only pots produced in the studio may be fired in the studio

Spaces to practice and develop your throwing skills can also be booked

Please be aware that due to size restrictions of the kiln, there will be a limit to the size of the pieces that can be fired

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the bookings page for information relating to the cancellation policy